Lady Gaga Tweets Fans Unthinkable Pic

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Lady Gaga recently posted a photo of herself at her most shockingly and needlessly revealing. Even her most devoted little Monsters will be shocked, then literally dumbfounded. Their über famous Mother Monster, who has appeared in print and in public adorned in everything from toy frogs and prosthetic facial horns, to the raw flesh of freshly butchered animals, tweeted a close-up photo of her naked face. That’s right. The lady allowed the world see her without a smidgen of make-up.

On March 26, courageous, or perhaps, desperate-for-attention little Stefani Germanotta allowed the world to behold her famous countenance without benefit of cosmetics. But why? Did she sincerely consider her action a statement about a male dominated society’s obsession with feminine physical perfection? Maybe. Or did she simply run out of fish net, papier-mâché, and empty sardine cans? Whatever. Most likely, her inspiration for “crazy hair and makeup” temporarily failed her, and the lapse will be temporary. La Germanotta’s accompanying tweet said only:

“Have a beautiful day!!”

While the person known as Lady Gaga could never be considered beautiful either way, Hollywood Life conducted one of its famous polls asking: “Do you think Lady Gaga looks great without make-up?” A truly unbelievable 78.13 percent majority voted that they did. Only 21.88 percent preferred her “wackier beauty looks.” Sadly, there wasn’t a choice labelled: “Who cares?”

You can see photos of La Gaga both with and without makeup by clicking here.

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