Lady Gaga Twitter Domination Rolls On

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Lady Gaga has managed to dominate Twitter for quite a span now and that domination shows no signs of slowing down. It is hard to believe she has managed to reach 21 million followers on her account, but she has. Justin Bieber continues to follow in the shadow as Gaga racks up the number of Little Monsters who hang on her every written Twitter word.

Mother Monster used the social-networking platform to document the occasion, “Wow 21,000,000 monsters. Can we build a Twitter Country now and all go live there. #NoSpeakingJustTweeting EMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY ONLY!!!! :)” Can you imagine the creative way some of the more tech savvy people would come up with to express emotions?

Her Twitter account will most likely be the only way she communicates with the outside world for the next several months. She has vowed to stop all communication with the media, but Little Monsters know she will only be a tweet away.

While she is celebrating her victory on Twitter, she took a second to address an obvious Madonna fan. The fan wrote, “Do you still think that Born This Way is the album of the decade?” Gaga is not about to be drawn into a feud over her idol. She simply responded, “which decade?” Her fans quickly came to her defense. Madonna fans do not need to be jealous or feel threatened by Lady Gaga’s success. There is plenty of room on the planet for both ladies to be successful.

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