Lady Gaga Twitters Naked Picture {LADY GAGA TWITTER PIC}

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Lady Gaga gets on Twitter to celebrate her birthday and posts a naked picture of herself. Lady Gaga’s only accessories to her birthday suit wardrobe was red lipstick and a red teacup to match her lips.

Lady Gaga twittered to her fans the words “Nothing like a communist-red teacup to make for the perfect Birthday gift. Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough.” Are you kidding me? What is she saying? 

Have you seen the uncut video of her new video with Beyonce? The video portrays Lady Gaga as being lesbian, and the video is very violent as well as there is a lot of nudity in it. It is nasty and highly do NOT recommend it. I am gaga over Lady Gaga as she makes me want to puke after watching that disgusting video of her.

I am a mother of four with two teenagers and two younger children. In my opinion, Lady Gaga is trying to twist and pervert the minds of the teens and children who worship her. Go away Lady Gaga. I don’t care that it isyour birthday and why did you have to show yourself naked to the impressionable children of America. Is their some sort of regulation over twitter and facebook? There should be!!! Excuse my intense madness!

Article Update: I did not desire to see Lady Gaga naked as it was rumored. So I did not actually go to twitter to see the pic. Later I was told she was not totally naked as I had assumed after being told “Lady Gaga was naked.” So I did resort to going to Twitter. The actual pic is the one I originally posted below and as you can see she is not totally naked. Still don’t like the pic…just bein’ real with you. Sorry for the confusion :)

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