Lady Gaga Unveils New Naked Below The Waist Album Cover

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Lady Gaga has always been more famous for her outrageous and/or often barely there outfits than for her music.  On New Year’s Eve, the singer/provocateur gave her fans a preview of an outfit that’s even less than barely there.  It’s not there at all.  At least on the bottom half.

According to Popeater, Gaga informed her Little Monsters via Twitter of the 5/13/11 and 5/23/11 release dates of her new single and album, “Born This Way.”  She also tweeted the new black and white cover photo for both the single and album in which Gaga appears completely naked from the waist down.  Yes, that’s right.  Lady Gaga totally nude below the waist without so much as a sausage G-string playing peek-a-boo with her Lady Gaga parts.   

Gaga’s New Year’s Eve tweet-fest was her way of keeping a promise made to her Little Monsters during her recent European concert tour when she vowed to give them “the greatest album of this decade.”  Whether “Born This Way” will indeed go down in music history as this decade’s “greatest album,” remains to be seen (and it will remain so for some time since the decade is still in its infancy).  Nevertheless, “Born This Way” has probably already won the title of Most Outrageous Album Cover hands–or rather–pants down.

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