Lady Gaga Used Men’s Restrooms as Jo Calderone at VMAs

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Last night Lady Gaga opened (annoyed) the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards as her male alter-ego Jo Calderone. She went to great steps to stay in character – even using the men’s restrooms.

Lady Gaga Used Men's Restrooms as Jo Calderone at VMAsDo you find it interesting that Lady Gaga kept up the annoying schtick even when the cameras were not near? At best, she presented a confusing message, and at worst, she totally stunk last night at the VMAs.

Gender bending is totally fine, and perhaps if she had opened as Joe, and then as she hit the piano, did a crazy Gaga wardrobe change on the stage, and busted out as her outrageous self, it would have been okay. However, the fact that she continued with it when it was obviously annoying to both the audience in L.A. as well as those watching from home, was strange. Even strange for Lady Gaga.

What did you think of the Momma (Daddy?) Monster’s performance last night? Do you think she could have done something better?

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