Lady Gaga V Magazine Memo, Explains Bird Flipping Escapade

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Lady Gaga is a imaginative singer who expresses her creativity in her songs and style choices. If her singing career ever fails, she certainly could have a job as a writer. She is a word wizard! A new “memo” in V Magazine shows off her quirky sense of humor and her talent to express herself through her writing. No wonder she is such a phenomenal songwriter.

In the March edition of the magazine, Gaga writes a memorandum to a handful of people. Some are dead, some are fictional, and others are not even human. However, the article is mainly directed at the baseball players she may or may not have offended during a drunken visit last year. Lady Gaga stirred up a bit of controversy when she flipped the bird at photographers, and maybe fans, as she enjoyed box seats at a Mets game.

Gaga jokes about the event and tells readers, “Google now ‘Lady Gaga at the Mets game,’ and you will find a photograph of a not-so-sober version of myself flipping the Bronx cheer with my friends.” Ah, yes. How could anybody forget a half-naked Gaga channeling her masculine side.

Mother Monster reveals her father scolded her for her antics, but she had a very good reason for her gesture. She calls it the “Bronx cheer,” and explains, “The Bronx cheer is a double bird (or when one flips off anyone using both hands) and is a wonderfully typical sign of a devout Yankees fan.”

Her memo is interesting and gives a little insight to how her mind works. She somehow makes the transition from baseball to Cleopatra and the discovery of pearls. Her piece is entertaining and insightful.

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