Lady Gaga vs. Beyonce Who Will Win the VMAs

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The MTV Music Video Awards or VMAs will air tomorrow night (September 13) at 9PM EST.  Most people feel like the VMAs are going to be a face off between Lady Gaga and Beyonce Knowles with their videos for “Poker Face” and “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).”

When I initially read that both Beyonce and Lady Gaga tied with nine VMA nominations a piece, I immediately realized the correlating tie between their two videos…the elusive little something that sets their videos apart from the pack.  Yes, I’m talking about:

The judicious use of glorified swimwear.

Throughout her entire video Beyonce is breaking it down in a subtle one piece.  In Poker Face, Lady Gaga breaks out several variations.  (By contrast, fellow nominee Britney Spears was either pretty much nude in her nominated Womanizer video…she never stood a chance!)

Who will win?  Will Beyonce’s consistency be key, or will Lady Gaga’s multitude take the upper hand?  It’s hard to say.  Either one of them could have upped the ante by taking their fondness for swimsuit season one step further and investing in some retro-glam swimwear for their vids:

Lady Gaga in a Victorian inspired suit would be hard to top.  Beyonce has a statuesque beauty best shown off with a drape that reveals a bit of those awesome legs as she struts through her dance routines.  A modified beach tent is just the ticket!  It’s the drape that keeps on giving!

It will be interesting to see who walks away with the awards.  I really think it will come down to these two ladies in the big category, but there could be a sleeper hidden in the mix.

I think it would have been a tighter competition if Gaga’s “Beautiful Dirty Rich” video would have been nominated instead of “Poker Face.” But maybe that is because I love looking at women wear red lipstick.

To read up on the VMA nominations or see the vids, use this link:


And, finally, apologies on the subpar manipulations.  I am working without my Photoshop currently and can’t get the knack for adjusting Corel’s blasted controls.

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