Lady Gaga vs Marina – Primadonna Mashup (Video)

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What happens when Lady Gaga teams up with Marina and The Diamonds? A classic dance mashup of course.

That’s what YouTube DJ MashFox is finding out by mixing Edge of Glory underneath Primadonna and the result is an irresistible combination which takes the best of both tunes and churns out a new version that should set the House world on fire.

Of course, G has to take a back seat this time. Or should that be back beat? Her track provides the rhythm while Marina’s song remains virtually uncut on top. Not the strictest mashup in any sense.

But, the results speak for themselves. Since Lady Gaga encourages a free spirit in her Little Monsters, and wants them to express themselves, perhaps she won’t mind giving up the spotlight just this once.

Because the mashup works brilliantly, it’s impossible to turn away and the lyrics to Primadonna may as well have been penned by G herself. Maybe she should start thinking about a new opening act?

Here’s the video:

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