Lady Gaga Wardrobe Malfunction or Bad Fashion Choice?

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Nothing about Lady Gaga’s fashion choices is shocking anymore. Just a day after arriving at LAX in a black bra, panties, leather coat, and some sheer stockings that left little to the imagination, Gaga was back at it again, this time wearing even less (if that is possible).

In what some may term as a wardrobe malfunction, Lady Gaga chose a see-though dominatrix outfit that exposed way too much nipple. The thing is, while this may have been a wardrobe malfunction for some, Gaga’s nipple-flashing sheer bra out fit just seems to be a calculated fashion choice. Does she just wear this stuff for attention, or is it just getting old.

Look, Lady Gaga is no Miley Cyrus, chosing to skip panties and/or bras on a seeming daily basis. Gaga doesn’t need that kind of attention. She has her own high-fashion line. Still it makes one wonder what she is thinking. Are her fashion choices, picked for shock value, just not that shocking anymore? At what point does the shocking faux-dominatrix act fall flat?

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