Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Initial Preview Proves Favorable

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While the title single for “Born This Way” has already proven to be a smash success, having quickly become the fastest-selling iTunes single to date and providing endless water-cooler chatter after Lady Gaga performed the single at the Grammys last weekend, can we expect the rest of the “Born This Way” album to stand up to the hype?

Apparently, yes. An initial preview by a small group of music press and industry representatives Saturday proved favorable, with the Music Critic for People who heard the album – which officially debuts on May 23 – ensuring loyal devotees to the megastar that the diva’s third album “promises to be a club-friendly successor to the pop star’s slew of hits.”

Lady Gaga "Born This Way"

Though it is unlikely that Lady Gaga has found herself losing significant popularity (at least relative to her unbelievable fame) she has started to come under fire recently for her strange antics. Once an endearing quality, now that the novelty has worn off, some are left wondering if she’s overdoing it, particularly in light of recent award show performances.

Strange behavior or not, though, “Born This Way” seems likely to be yet another huge hit for the songstress.

Will you picking up the album? Do you find her behaviors to be off-putting, or are you still charmed by her eccentricity?

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