Lady Gaga’s Boyfriend Taylor Kinney Wants her to Drop the Act

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Lady Gaga’s boyfriend, The Vampire Diaries star Taylor Kinney, wants her to drop the act. So is it the end of Gaga as everyone knows her? Will she stop wearing kooky outfits and sky-high heels?

Gaga met Taylor while shooting her music video for “You and I,” and she wasn’t playing herself then—she was in character as Yuyi the mermaid. Her hunky new man might have fallen for her as they played onscreen lovers, but apparently he’s grown tired of all of her kooky stage characters.

According to Contact Music, he wants Gaga to drop the act—he doesn’t want her to wear crazy outfits and act eccentric anymore. Instead he wants his girlfriend to be Stefani Germanotta. So will Taylor Kinney prove to be kryptonite when it comes to Lady Gaga’s career? After all, her fans love her for her over-the-top outfits and theatrics just as much as they love her for her music.

Hopefully Taylor won’t completely kill Gaga and the other colorful alter egos she’s created—it seems more like he just wants her to act like Stefani around him. A friend says that she started acting like her creation 24/7 to please her little monsters, but she created a monster—a superstar character whose thoughts and feelings are faked in the name of fame.

Gaga is reportedly ready to act “more human” around her man, who has convinced her that he loves the real Stefani, not the stage persona she has created. Some of Mama Monster’s fans might be worried about Taylor changing her, but he could end up being the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

After all, Stefani Germanotta can’t go around wearing dangerous platform shoes and pants-less outfits forever—the shtick will get old and tired as she gets older. She needs someone to tell her that it’s okay to tone things down now and to concentrate on getting her fans to love her for who she really is and for her music instead of just for her crazy fashion statements. Maybe Taylor Kinney will convince Lady Gaga that she can wear blue jeans and minimal makeup when she’s not onstage, saving her outrageous outfits for when she performs.

It’s also probably a good thing that Stefani has found someone she can be herself around—she’s felt this pressure to be a character that she’s created all the time, and this really can’t be good for her mental well-being. Now that she’s found a guy who loves her and not Gaga, maybe she should start lowering the façade just a little.

So are you worried that Taylor is going to ruin Gaga, or is he actually helping her?

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