Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’ Creative Director Lauriann Gibson Discusses Video: “Created New Jerusalem” (Videos)

Lady Gaga’s creative director for Judas, Lauriann Gibson, spoke about creating “the New Jerusalem” for the powerful music video. Lady Gaga really went all out on this one. She spared no expense and got everything exactly as she had imagined. There’s little doubt that Lady Gaga’s Judas pushed many buttons for some Christians since that is what it was probably supposed to do.

Lauriann Gibson said, “Two days it took me to shoot it. We scouted Universal and we just art-directed it to the ninth. We changed the face of it, we created the new Jerusalem. But it was a very magical experience to shoot a video on the Universal lot. It’s so Hollywood.”

Gibson also admits that she had to occasionally keep Mother Monster in line. Surely, that’s something Lady Gaga was not use to. However, when it comes to the musicThe word "Judas" is written in capital red letters on a dark brown background. Below is a red cross with a black heart in the middle. business, if you only have yes men, you’ll end up like Britney Spears. So it is definitely good to have a sane NO guy or gal around.

Gibson said, “There was, ‘You’re directing, so please don’t go over budget. Lady Gaga’s still in her trailer. Who’s going to get her out? She’s still trying on clothes. I go, ‘Knock, knock, knock, knock. Gaga, we’re directing. It’s our money now,’ and out she comes. So it was fun holding her accountable for how long she would take in her glam.”

Yeah, in the end, the spectacle that is Lady Gaga’s Judas will undoubtedly become another huge hit. MP3 downloads are now available on Mother Monster is truly enjoying an amazing run these last few years. Hopefully, it’ll continue for more years to come.

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