Lady Gaga’s Most Shocking Sex Confession Ever

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Lady Gaga must be in dire need of an attention fix these days. Or perhaps riding around in cocoons and wearing outfits made of jumbo shrimp simply don’t pack the same kind shock value they used to. In a recent interview, the Poker Face One revealed a detail from her past that’s sure to shock the world. When the Judas singer was just anonymous little brunette Stefani Germanotta, she used to listen to her parents having sex. Not just once or once in a while, or even occasionally by accident–but all the time. Night after night. You get the picture.

Yes, according to Lady Gaga, she spent most of her formative years “listening to her mum and dad have sex because their Upper West Side apartment didn’t have any doors.” None. And she could hear everything they did in their bedroom, and vice versa.

“My parents’ room and the one I shared with my sister were on the top floor. There are no doors on the bedrooms. My parents could hear everything me and my sister said growing up. And I heard them too!”

Interestingly, La Germanotta offered no explanation about why there were no doors on any of the rooms in her parents’ place. Perhaps she never asked, and they never offered to inform her. All she’ll say is that she “inherited her wild streak from her father Joe, who once hired a stripper” as her piano teacher and who used to spend his spare time “having sex with girls under the boardwalk in New Jersey before he went to see Bruce Springsteen.” Gaga seems to believe that her less than conventional childhood has not only molded her into whatever she thinks she is, it has also caused her to shy away from what she calls “domestication.”

“I love being with my parents,” Lady Gaga explained, “but I also really fear domestication. I just don’t have a home. I stay between my friends’ places and my parents’.”

So there you have it. And you probably thought an artiste extraordinaire like Lady Gaga spent her entire existence just teetering on the edge of glory. Poor friends. Poor parents.

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