Lady Gaga’s New Perfume Smells Like Blood and Semen

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Leave it to Lady Gaga to create a fragrance unlike any the world has ever sniffed. Celebrity scent or not,  perfumes are pretty much the same. Flowery, fruity, spicy, musky–the list of possibilities is actually rather limited. But that was before the Mother Monster decided to break into the perfume biz. The pop star/provocateur is creating her own signature fragrance and she reportedly wants it to “smell of blood and semen.”

According to Popeater, pop superstar Lady Gaga is once again pushing the envelope by requesting that her new perfume be reminiscent of bodily fluids. And not particularly pleasant smelling bodily fluids, either.

While most perfumes tease the nostrils with scents evoking memories of flowers, fruits, spices or musk, Gaga insists her signature fragrance must smell like blood and semen. Presumably of the human variety. 

So far, Gaga has not divulged her intended name for this unique new olfactory experience. But whatever she calls the finished product and no matter how it smells, it’s sure to be a hit with her fans. After all, she is Lady Gaga; and where the Mother Monster leads, the baby monsters are sure to follow. 

Take note. After her perfume hits the market, do hope the ventilation system never fails at a Lady Gaga concert. Imagine being trapped in an auditorium full of people who reek of blood and semen. Ugh.

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