Lady Gaga’s NYC Eatery Deemed Filthy by Health Dept.

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Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes have eaten there, but apparently Lady Gaga’s high-end Manhattan restaurant doesn’t cut the mustard with the city’s notoriously strict health inspectors.

In fact, Joanne Trattoria is so filthy, it was a given a “C” rating, which is actually the lowest score an eatery can receive in New York City. Yikes! Joanne Trattoria on Manhattan’s West Side is operated by Gaga’s parents, Cynthia and Joe Germanotta, and was cited for six critical errors, including improper handling of food. In all, there were 42 violation points.

Does this really surprise anyone? After all, who wants to eat beef which has been worn by someone?

But seriously, this has to be very embarrassing for Gaga and her family. They’ve been touting the Italian eatery everywhere, and several celebrities have been spotted there since it opened in February.

Other infractions include dirty contact surfaces, and failing to store food properly.

Lady Gaga and her folks need to straighten out this situation quickly, because it’s very easy for a restaurant to earn a bad reputation. The business is tough enough to begin with, but this could become a public relations nightmare.

Lady Gaga’s dieting drama has been all over the tabloids lately, and she blames her weight gain on the fantastic dishes served up at Joanne’s. She has said she gains “five pounds every time I go in there.”

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