Lake City Mom Attacks Principal for Suspending Child – Does Student Have a Chance?

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A Lake City, Florida mom named Tyra Hays attacks the principal at her child’s school over the principal suspending her child from Challenge Learning Center. The school is an alternative school, and she was on the premises picking up her child after the suspension.

Lake City Mom Sets Bad Example in Attacking Principal After Child Suspended

Hays argued with Principal Deborah Hill on October 20 when she was at Challenge to pick up her suspended child. She actually left the office after the initial argument according to reports, but she returned about 10 minutes later – Hays was asked to leave, but pushed her way into the office and hit Principal Hill. The fight was broken up by other school employees, and the police were called.

Now Hays is in the Columbia County jail after being arrested late last week. What a terrible example to set for her child. The kid is in an alternative school for students who are failing, have special needs or behavior problems, and then the child gets suspended. It makes things even worse for the student’s mom to literally attack the principal over the suspension. No wonder this kid has some problems and was suspended from school. I hope that the kid will be able to get some help and get on the right track. Unfortunately, the mom in this situation doesn’t appear to be making things any better.

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