Lamar Odom Blaming Khloe Kardashian for Dallas Mavericks Basketball Divorce!?

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Is Lamar Odom actually blaming Khloe Kardashian and her family for getting kicked off the Dallas Mavericks? The divorce between Odom and the Mavs is real, even though the divorce rumors between Khloe and Lamar may not be.

In a recent interview, Lamar actually said something that was pretty interesting about the timing of losing his basketball career, or at least being cut the Dallas after only a couple of months on the team. Odom started with the excuses, “My life has been so crazy the last couple years, as far as issues with my family, as far as going through personal tragedy. And I felt like God was saying, ‘You know what Lamar, I’m going to give you a little time. A little time to step back and soak everything in….”

Wait a minute… family issues? Like Khloe and Lamar family issues? Perhaps there was more to these divorce rumors about Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom than once was thought! Okay, the murder of Lamar’s cousin is clearly something that would distract anyone, but to admit in an interview that having “issues with my family” was a root cause of not being able to work… unthinkable.

So while Khloe Kardashian tries to spin things every way she knows how to say that things are fine with Lamar Odom, they clearly aren’t. It they were, Lamar would have left Khloe (and her family) out of it and only talked about losing his cousin.

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