Lamar Odom: The Tragic Season

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The Lamar Odom-Dallas Mavericks relationship has ended abruptly. Barred with continuous turmoil, this was a decision that was on the brink of occurring for the past few weeks if not months. The Mavs have officially bought out his $8.9 million contract. After this decision was reached, Lamar said he was “sorry that things didn’t work out better for both of us, but I wish the Mavs’ organization, my teammates and Dallas fans nothing but continued success in the defense of their championship.” Also, many other Maverick players commented on the situation, such as Jason Kidd who put it in simple elegant words by stating it “Just didn’t work out” with the ex-Laker. The LO-drama was well documented and at times during the season even the Mavs-faithful began to ‘boo’ Lamar.

What a season it has been for Lamar Odom. Ever since the trade talks that had him going to New Orléans for CP3, he just has not been the same. The former 6th man was emotionally drained by this attempted trade and asked to be traded to a ‘contender.’ In a shocking series of events, the versatile forward was sent to the Mavs for merely a 1st round pick and a trade exception. This news shocked the NBA and many analysts suggested that the former champions were destined to repeat.

However, things did not work out as perfectly as they seemed. As it turned out Lamar never found his groove in Dallas. He went from a treasured acquisition to a troubled burden. The problems were so devastating that he almost spent a few games in the D-League during his stint. The Mavs organization and Lamar have finally come to an agreement to part ways and he has been bought out of his lucrative contract.

Lamar Odom

Now the question remains: Where will Lamar go next?

According to NBA policies, he is unable to sign with a playoff team this season. Therefore, many analysts believe he will take an extended offseason and be ready to come back for next season. Highly involved in the entertainment business in LA, many Lakers fans are hoping that he will make his return to the Lakers. What do you think Lamar will do next?

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