Lana Del Rey Doesn’t Suck on ‘Letterman’ (Video)

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After what many critics called a disastrous debut on SNL last month, Lana Del Rey has apparently redeemed herself by not sucking big time on the Letterman show. Maybe it was nerves the first time out of the gate?

Her main criticism after her first network TV gig was that she didn’t seem to be living up to an image of a Song Goddess springing, fully-formed, from the Earth and her hesitant performance was proof she was just a flash in the pan. But for a new singer who had such a fantastic run-up to her coming out party, she may have been forgiven for feeling the heat.

Other critics seemed to be confused about the Lana Del Rey back story. Was she the street urchin, songwriting waitress from Brooklyn, suddenly finding the spotlight? Or was her whole life geared by a well-funded PR machine bankrolled by her gazillionaire web guru daddy?

None of that seemed to matter to David Letterman on Thursday night, if he was even aware of it. While he is always gracious to a fault in thanking his musical guests and their accompaniment, he was positively gushing at the end of Lana Del Rey’s performance of the song Video Games.

He even asked if she could return on Friday. And, what the hey? What are you doing Monday, Lana? Time to quit the day job…

It looks like the freshman is now a seasoned sophomore and the jinx is lifted. Of course, it’s all a matter of opinion.

Here’s the chance to form one. Say hello to a new superstar…

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