Lance Armstrong Admits To Using PEDs?

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Lance Armstrong may admit to using PEDs to help his cycling career. That is the news coming from ESPN as Armstrong could be looking to fix his image.

The seven-time Tour de France winners has seen a huge hit to his image over the past few years and it has led to him being stripped of his titles. He has not yet admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs, though there are a lot of doubters that he did everything clean.

That could all change very soon, especially if Armstrong is trying to figure a way around the lifetime ban that he has received from sporting events governed by the World Anti-Doping Agency code. The real question is whether he is ready to take responsibility for the alleged drug use or if he is going to find a way around this too.

The evidence against Armstrong has seemed pretty bad for a while, so a confession from him might not win back many fans. There are likely still fans that believe in his innocence still who are going to be crushed if he does succumb to all these allegations.

Do you think Lance Armstrong deserves a second chance if he admits to using PEDs? Is Armstrong the most tarnished athlete of any sport that has been accused of using banned substances?

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