Lance Armstrong Resigns from Livestrong

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Lance Armstrong has been dealing with a lot lately. Today news came out that he has officially decided to resign from the charity Livestrong. According to NY Daily News, even though Armstrong is the founder he will no longer be working with the cancer fighting charity.

Back in October, he stepped down as the chairman for Livestrong. This was after he was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles for doping charges. A spokeswoman for the charity says that he will still be involved. He is the founder and the biggest donor of this organization.

Lance has not said anything yet about his choice to resign from Livestrong. He worked hard for this organization that helps with cancer research. It is shocking that he would resign, but at the same time he cares about it and doesn’t want them to have to deal with anything negative because he is involved. He would not want donors to pull out because his name is attached to it.

Do you think that Lance Armstrong should have stepped out? Do you think he made the right choice? Sound off in the comments below on your thought.

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