Lane Bryant Lingerie Ad Too Sexy for Television? What About Victoria’s Secret? [video]

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News of Lane Bryant’s new commercial has extended to morning news.  The model featured in the controversial commercial, Ashley Graham, went on Good Morning America to discuss the full-figured womens’ clothing line, Lane Bryant’s, new lingerie commercial.  This commercial, in the video below, has stirred major controversy for its montage of a plus sized model getting ready to meet her boyfriend in her lingerie.  Major networks like abc and Fox stated that they would not air the commercial during their prime time family hour (7-9pm).

Lane Bryant is claiming that the networks denied their commercial because it featured a plus-size model and if it were a Victoria’s Secret commercial they would have allowed it.  Ashley Graham, the model in the commercial, never could have imagined that this would be as controversial as it has been; she thought she was doing a great thing by representing plus size women.  It is totally impressive that the fashion industry is slowly changing; focusing on their demographic, it is pretty upsetting that big power-house networks would refuse to support it.

Watch the Lane Bryant commercial, then watch the Victoria’s Secret commercial and see if there is a difference.

Do you believe that the networks would not air the ads solely because it featured a “full figured” woman?

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