Lara Spencer Rejoins The GMA Crew

Good Morning America has welcomed another new face to their set this week. Lara Spencer, who just left her job on The Insider, has rejoined the GMA crew as the new lifestyle anchor. She joins Josh Elliott as one of the new fresh faces on the morning show.

Lara may be new to ABC for many viewers, however some may remember her face from a few years back. She joined GMA back in 1999 as a national correspondent and was known for her spunk and high energy personality. In 2003, she joined The Insider and has interviewed many celebrities over the years. Now she is back to her old home on GMA. It seemed like old times as she pulled up in a New York city cab Monday morning with Robin Roberts and George Stephanopolous, who welcomed her back with many hugs. Although it will be strange not to see Lara Spencer on The Insider, she will make another good fit with the whole GMA staff. Lara is high energy, enthusiastic and she is well-loved by the ABC crew as shown by the nice ‘welcome home’ she received on the show. Stay tuned for many more interesting segments from Lara Spencer.

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