Large, Luscious Christina Hendricks Vs. Lean, Lovely LeAnn Rimes: Whose Body Is Sexier?

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Christina Hendricks’s body is thick and super busty. LeAnn Rimes is super slim, toned, and ripped. Which star looks sexier stripped down at the beach? In the accompanying photos which you can see by clicking here, you can compare and contrast the figures of these two stars who represent, perhaps, the paradigms of two totally different female body types.

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks was photographed in Italy over the weekend, wearing a “cleavage-baring” black bathing suit. The photographer seems to have caught La Hendricks as she was stripping down for a swim. Even though she’s still wearing what looks like the bottom half of her beach dress, her trademark mountainous cleavage is visibly burgeoning, as are the upper halves of her ample thighs. Christina’s full figure has been described as “Marilyn Monroe-esque.” Yes, unbelievable as it sounds, the ultimate 1950s sex goddess wore a whopping size 12 dress. Yikes.

No one could accuse the svelte and ultra slender LeAnn Rimes of wearing a size 12–or anything near it. Indeed, from the looks of her in the photos, she might have trouble filling out a size 2. In fact, LeAnn has taken a lot of criticism for being “too skinny.” Recently, LeAnn “took to her Twitter AGAIN insisting that her flat stomach showcased ‘abs NOT bones.'” LeAnn does indeed have abs. Whether she’s photographed in profile or a three-quarter pose, she’s lean, hard, and what bodybuilders call “in shape.” She’s thin but not emaciated. She has muscle tone. And while she still has curves, there is absolutely no flab, cellulite, or excess

So there you have them–Christina Hendricks and LeAnn Rimes. Actually, comparing these two women is a little unfair, since their disparate body types make it a bit like comparing apples and oranges. Or better yet, apples and cantaloupes. It’s a hard call, but what do you think?

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