Lark Voorhies Bizarre Behavior Explained

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Lark Voorhies played a normal teen girl on Saved by the Bell, but her recent abnormal behavior has raised a few eyebrows. So what’s wrong with the actress?

Lark is best known for playing trendy teen Lisa Turtle, a popular girl whose biggest problem was a geeky leech named Screech. After Saved by the Bell ended, Lark’s costars went on to stay relevant in various ways—Mark-Paul Gosselaar currently stars on the TV series Franklin & Bash; Elizabeth Berkley stripped down in the movie Showgirls; Tiffani Amber Thiessen went on to star on Beverly Hills, 90210 and White Collar; Mario Lopez is an Extra host; and Dustin Diamond has competed on Celebrity Fit Club and starred in a sex tape.

While these stars remained in the public eye, Lark Voorhies seemingly vanished. However, now she’s making headlines because of a recent series of People interviews in which she mumbled to herself and zoned out in the middle of sentences.

According to People, here’s what Lark’s mother Tricia said about her bizarre behavior:

There are things that have traumatized her. I care deeply about my daughter and I want her to resume her life.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Lark has been “traumatized” in some way—lots of child stars have a tough time growing up in the spotlight. They can struggle when their fame wanes, or they might get upset that they didn’t get to have a normal childhood. Tricia says that Lark’s bizarre behavior can also be attributed to her being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Earlier this summer, Lark faced plastic surgery rumors when photos surfaced of the actress sporting what appeared to be a shockingly different face. However, it’s possible that a really bad makeup job just made it look like she was suffering from botched plastic surgery.

Perhaps all the negative reports about her face are partly responsible for traumatizing the actress; it can’t be easy leading a low-profile life only to get bashed for looking different when you decide to show your face in public. However, instead of fessing up to being “traumatized” or suffering from bipolar disorder, this is how Lark explained her behavior:

I have a strong spiritual sense. You caught me in moments of pray. [sic]

Apparently poor Lark doesn’t realize that it’s a little odd to stop in the middle of giving an interview to pray. And it’s also sad if she felt the need to stop and pray because it was so difficult for her to make it through giving interviews.

If Lark really is as troubled as her mother says, hopefully the actress will decide to get the help she needs.

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