Lark Voorhies Interview Shows ‘Saved By the Bell’ Star Lisa Turtle Now in 2012 (Video)

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Actress Lark Voorhies appears in a recent video interview with “The Yo Show” talking about what she’s been doing with her time recently. Many fans may have been wondering, where is Lisa Turtle now? Well, the former character known for her love of fashion and distaste for Screech has a different look in recent photos and the video, but is at least keeping busy. She’s also hinted at the possibilities for that “Saved By The Bell Reunion.”

Saved by the Bell - Seasons 1 & 2So what’s Lark up to these days? One of the first things mentioned in the Yahoo! video interview is her business venture. She says she’s got her own company called Yo Soy Productions with “The Hope for Pandora’s Box” as the first feature film. Voorhies adds that she wrote, directed, executive-produced and starred in the new film. Talk about multi-talented, or in need of work!

The interview also brings up how she was on the Disney show “Good Morning Miss Bliss” and it eventually became “Saved By The Bell” on NBC. Lark talks about playing the role of Lisa Turtle, the “Jewish princess,” which is nothing like her. When asked what her favorite episode was, Voorhies doesn’t really give one particular show but mentions she enjoyed a lot of the ones where she worked with Haylie Mills (aka Miss Bliss).

By the way, “Saved By The Bell” and “Good Morning, Miss Bliss” weren’t the only sitcoms Lark has been on. She also has appeared on several episodes of “Small Wonder,” one of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and on “The Robert Guillaume Show.” However, it seems that some TV actors and actresses are remembered as that one special character, and in the case of Lark Voorhies, it’s Lisa Turtle!

One big question that is posed to Voorhies is “do you see a reunion happening on TV, or is it just not gonna happen?” Lark answers that the topic is circumvented and is returned to quite often, prompting the interview to suggest maybe there is a “Saved By The Bell” reunion on the way? TV fans rejoice!

While Lark Voorhies looks a lot different than her previous Lisa Turtle character, that’s ok. The good news appears to be that she’s not in serious trouble like some other child stars have got themselves into. Lark’s got a company and is trying to get big projects going. A “SBTB” reunion wouldn’t hurt her resume and spotlight right now at all though.

What was your favorite “Saved By the Bell” episode of all-time? Would you be one to watch a reunion if the cast gets together and does one?

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