Lark Voorhies Now vs. Then Photos – Did Lisa Turtle Have Plastic Surgery for 2012?

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A new set of Lark Voorhies now vs. then photos has emerged in 2012, leaving many to wonder what has happened to Lisa Turtle? The former “Saved By The Bell” star certainly has grown up, and has people questioning if plastic surgery has been done.

Over at Buzzfeed, the photographic evidence is on display. One photo shows the odd couple of Screech and Lisa from a “SBTB” episode of yesteryear. They were never quite a couple, but Screech certainly tried his best to get with the cute Lisa Turtle.

Then there’s the Lark Voorhies now photos. It shows Lark all grown up, with a much different-looking, maybe pudgier face. Some comments on the article and photos suggest that maybe plastic surgery was done. Some have gone so far as to suggest “She looks like Lil Kim now. Ew.”

While that may be stretching things quite a bit (no pun intended), Lark certainly looks a lot different than her days back at Bayside High. For comparison’s sake, all of her castmates pretty much look like older versions of the people from the show. Mario Lopez, check. Mark Paul Goselaar, check. Tifanny Amber-Thiesen, check. Screech, check. So what happened to Lark Voorhies exactly?

(Image Source: Wikimedia)

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