Larry and I in the Begining Part 2

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I need to digress just a little bit.  When I broke the two dates with Larry and went out with Eric Larry owned a turquoise 59 Chevy.  It was a really cool car except it was a stick shift.  That made it hard to shift if I was sitting next to Larry.  When I came back asking him to forgive me he is now driving a midnight blue 68 GTO.  One of the coolest muscle cars around.  I got a lot of grief about the only reason I came back was the car.  It was all in fun from our friends though. 

 They had races at the race track at the fair grounds.  It was a dirt track and those cars could throw that dirt.  Since they knew Larry and knew he had a really cool car they asked him to be the trophy car.  That meant he would drive around with the trophy girl so everyone could see her.  Once the race was over he would drive her to winner's circle to give the winner a kiss.  Since we were going together I wanted her to know he spoken for.  I was bad again.  On the passenger side door, I wrote MINE.  With all the dust in the pits I guess it really showed up.  I was just marking my territory.  I got in so much trouble from all the guys.


Larry was the best though.  He use to have 160 Honda and we would go on our dates on that motorcycle a lot.  We did find out that you really can't park on a motorcycle.  It falls over if you're not  careful.  It was a really fun time.


My Jr. year I started having weird things going on.  My right eye would twitch violently for almost 30 to 60 seconds.  It got to the place where it was twitching more then just being relaxed and normal.  They thought it was a calcium deficiency.  I knew better.  Then I had two convulsions on the bus on the way to school.  They said it was nerves.  That was the answer you got instead of I don't have a clue.  By that summer I was loosing the use of my left hand and arm.  I knew I was dying.  Larry was there through it all.  He was my rock.  Especially since my stepfather thought it was all to get attention.  I ended up in the Methodist Hospital in Omaha NE.  They had a great Neurosurgeon there.  He ran every test and even did two brain biopsies.  The second one hit something so hard it bent the needle.  They knew where to go in but no idea what they would find. 


I had been in the hospital for a month now.  Every weekend Larry would make the 150 round trip to see me.  He even piled a bunch of my girlfriends in the GTO and brought them with him.  I still am amazed at that one.  Remember he was painfully shy then. I truly believe I made it through because I had the arms God around me and I knew Larry would be back to see me.  I still don't know how Larry and all those girls fit into that car.  We had some party that day.  My Dad was in Indianapolis.  He came to see me and gave a couple of the places in town his credit card number with the understanding that they would charge it and deliver the food to me.  It was a different time back then.  My room was even with the nurse's  station.  There were times when no one was there with me we would order pizza and they would eat with me after their shift.  You see my dad was in IN and my mom and stepfather were further away than Larry.  Did I mention it was a different time back then?  My Dr. was so cool.  I always knew he was coming because as soon as he got off the elevator, he would start singing.  It was the same song. "There she is Miss America." I was 16 and loosing the use of my whole left side.  After the second biopsy they knew surgery was my only option.  The day I should have been starting my senior year of high school, I was having exploratory brain surgery.  Larry was there with my mom and stepfather.  Half way through the surgery then came out and said I would have only a 50% chance of coming out alive but would be a vegetable.  During another update my chances were lowered to a 1% chance.  When the surgery was over my chances went down to ½ %.  God was not through with me.  As you can tell, I am not a vegetable.  The other thing I didn't know was that my surgeon told Larry I would not live past 35.  That was later after the surgery though.  I guess God is still not done with me since I celebrated my 57 birthday in November.


I was only in the hospital for two weeks after surgery.  I did use a cane for stability.  When I went into the hospital my hair was a little longer than to my shoulders.  First biopsy, they remove a half dollar size area.  Second another one.  For the surgery it's self I was shaved from behind my left ear.  The back of my head was shaved.  Most of the top of my head was to.  Dr. thought he would leave the hair in front of my left ear and all of the right side.  You should have heard the hairdresser when we asked if she could do anything with it.


Something else I didn't know, my mom had talked to Larry about me.  She basically said she would understand if he left.  What she wanted was him to either stay and accept me for what I can do or make a clean break now.  He said I love her and I'm not going any where.   After I got out of the hospital and could go out, we went to the movies with my hair the way it was.  Larry didn't mind at all.


I will be adding to our story in the next post.  I hope you enjoy or wonderful life together.

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