Larry Flynt Wants to See Romney’s Tax Returns

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Larry Flynt is better known for being the perv behind Hustler and other skin mags and productions, but now the famed pornographer is taking up a new cause. He is offering $1 Million to anyone that can come up with Mitt Romney’s tax returns. He purchased a full-page advertisement in Washington Post and USA Today, but he demands documented evidence–so no fraudsters, please!

Flynt wants to see what Mitt Romney is hiding in his past tax documents and offshore accounts–like a fair number of other Americans. Romney’s own father would be scratching his head at this behavior. The same people who demanded to see Obama’s birth certificate couldn’t care less on whether or not Romney paid taxes, which is a huge part of being a patriotic American.

Hopefully the requests of this well-known pornographer don’t get anybody in too much trouble, but it would be interesting to see if the Romney camp ever produces any of those past tax returns that seem to be too spooky for Mittens to release on his own.

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