Larry King Retiring From Larry King Live – Who Does He Want To Replace Him? [Video]

Larry King made the announcement yesterday via his twitter account that his time at CNN as the host of Larry King Live was coming to an end. During last night’s broadcast, he also made a statement about this. He will continue with the series until the fall when a replacement can be found for him. This isn’t the end of his time on CNN entirely though. He made it clear he would still air Larry King specials covering major news events. He is known for jumping on the hot topics of the time on his show, so this looks set to continue.

Who does he want to replace him on air? He is looking to American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest for that job. As soon as I heard that though, my immediate reaction was – what about American Idol? How can he cover two primetime airing series when American Idol is on air? We know Ellen Degeneres has managed to keep her daytime life and primetime life juggled, but Ryan Seacrest already has one full plate.

We heard earlier this week he would be dropping his radio show when his contract is up at the end of the year? Had he already been approached by King before his announcement yesterday? Seacrest has joined King to assist him during King’s disaster telethons. The most recent airing last Monday for Oil Spill Relief. Seacrest helps monitor the Social Suite covering Twitter and Facebook posts made by those viewing. Would he make a good replacement for Larry King? Other rumors have Piers Morgan in talks for the job as well.

CNN is already preparing for Larry King’s exit. Today, they posted Larry King’s top twenty-five moments, which you can watch by going here. Watch video of his announcement to retire below. You can follow his twitter at KingsThings. What do you think of his time coming to an end? I know he has been on air at CNN since I was nine years old. I don’t really remember a time before Larry King well. He has been a major part of the CNN existence and a force that covers news of the day. He will be missed. Whoever manages to replace him, I hope they are able to fill his shoes. I think Larry King is unique though. There will never be another quite like him! For more of my television news, go here.


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