Larry the Cable Guy to Visit Nudist Resort: Will He Get Naked?

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Larry the Cable Guy is going to visit a nudist camp! The Cable Guy, real name Dan Whitney, isn’t going to Caliente Resort in Tampa for fun, Larry is going there to film a segment for the History Channel TV series, “Only in America.”

File:Larry the Cable Guy.jpgWell, if Larry strips naked during the segment, that will be something else! Unfortunately, no one knows if he will get naked at the clothing-optional resort. Deb Bowen, marketing director for Caliente Resort, stated, “we’re presenting him with the opportunity.”

Since Larry the Cable Guy is going to film there because it’s “Only in America” and he is straight American, shouldn’t he go naked? To see a hefty guy like Larry strutting around the resort in his birthday suit, wouldn’t that make for great television?

Sure, being nude gives the body a certain type of freedom and a lot of people do it in the privacy of their own homes. To be naked at a resort full of other naked folks may be too much to handle for some people.

The question is — will it be too much for Larry the Cable Guy? Will he take off the camouflage cap, the sleeveless plaid shirt and declare himself a naked American man? Probably not. Larry may be a comic but it’s doubtful he will get as extreme as walking around nude while filming a segment.

That kind of stress will probably shrink his goods till they’re barely seen! Now, what man would want that? Readers, do you think Larry the Cable Guy will put on his birthday suit for the shoot?

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