‘Last Man Standing’ Season 2 Recap: The Help

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This week on Last Man Standing, Vanessa decides to hire a housekeeper to help around the house. She has a really good deal for her husband. She tells him that if she has less housework to do, that would leave more time and energy for other things…like at night. Mike jokes around and says, “Or we could hire someone to do that.”

Vanessa got her wish when they hired Bianca who has got her green card and is ready to work. Poor Kristin wanted to apply for the job for some extra money, but since her dad tells her that she has no experience in cleaning, she is not qualified.

Mike has eventually warmed up to the idea when Bianca starts pampering him after a hard day at work, even going so far as shooing Eve away when she needs something signed by her dad. The poor guy needs at least an hour to relax.

At work, Mike talks Ed into checking their employee’s green cards. Ed tells him that he has checked all departments…that is except for the loading dock. Ed said that he doesn’t go looking for trouble, which is why he doesn’t get his prostrate checked. Mike is a little worried so the two guys head to the dock. Unfortunately, JJ, who has been with Outdoor Man for 10 years, doesn’t have a green card. This means that they have to let him go. However, the guys decide to go to bat for JJ so he can keep his job.

Neighbor Chuck comes to the Baxter door to tell Mike that he is not happy that they hired a maid because now his wife Carol has to have one, too. Chuck actually came to see Kristen, his new maid! She finally got her job. This makes Mike not so happy. Of course, Mike’s unhappiness makes Chuck very happy.

Bianca tells the story of her brother that got lazy and refused to clean their uncle’s boat. She said that he buried him in the sand, rubbed a fish on his head and let the beach cats out. According to Bianca, those kitties were not so nice.

Mike is thinking that it might not have been a good idea to hire Bianca, especially when the girls get even lazier than they were before. They have her iron clothes and bake cookies for them. Boyd even plays the game and thinks that it’s the job of “the help” to pick up anything he drops on the floor. Mike has had it. He tells Bianca that she needs to start treating his kids just like her brother was treated by their uncle. Yes, that means she needs to release the beach cats! She really did a good job because those girls learned to move pretty fast. Although she kind of overdid it with little Boyd as he ran from the room scared.

Be sure catch more episodes of Last Man Standing Friday nights at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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