‘Last Man Standing’ Season 2 Recap: Voting

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Last Man Standing is back for another season with funny guy Tim Allen. It is election time in the Baxter household. Now that Mandy is old enough to vote, Mike is excited to share his views. However, Mandy just thinks it’s totally boring. In fact, she says it’s all anyone is talking about and it’s ruining Twitter!

Mike comes home and finds an Obama sign in the front yard. There is one problem, he is voting for Romney. Oldest daughter Kristen put the sign there because she is an Obama supporter and makes no bones about it. Vanessa has decided to stay neutral and not letting anyone in the family know who she is voting for. Smart gal!

Mike arrives to work at Outdoor Man and it seems that every single employee is playing fantasy football, even Ed. He is on the phone and says, “I plan on winning this thing and I will not lose again to a cold, black-hearted shark like you.” He then tells Mike that Eve says hello. He says that Mike’s youngest daughter Eve has won three years in a row. He plans on doing whatever it takes to beat her this year. Ed is now going after Kyle. He wants to trade his star quarterback. Kyle is not having it. Ed wants it so bad that he makes him sweep the whole parking lot…in a bear costume

Mike is still going back and forth about the election with Kristen and Ryan, Boyd’s dad who is spending more time with his son nowadays. They are both trying to get Mandy to sway to their side of things. Mike brought her some brochures so that she can study up on what’s important. Mike is also disappointed when Eve mentions the Oakland Raiders in a Denver Bronco household. She is really serious about beating Ed in fantasy football. Mike says that now he has a Raider and a traitor in the house.

Mike finally settles down when he realizes that his daughters are growing up and deciding things for themselves. Although, dad would rather just go back to the days when women couldn’t vote, or maybe not.

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