Last Night's Law & Order Criminal Intent 5/17/09

For anyone who knows me or has read my profile, I'm a hugh fan of Law & Order Criminal Intent.


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When the show first appeared, I had the hardest time keeping up with Detective Bobby Goren and found many of the episodes difficult to keep up with.  Well, with a lot of perseverance and continued viewing, I became the most ardent fan, and became fascinated with not only the crimes, but with Det. Goren himself, as to what made him tick.

Later seasons began to show us a little more about him, his family, his personal struggles all while providing us with the entertaining and complex storylines that fans have become accustomed to seeing in the Law & Order series.

The delay in bringing us this ninth season, although frustrating to endure, has proven to be worth the wait.

In previous seasons, we watched and became involved as Det. Goren dealt with the failing health of his mother (wonderfully played by Rita Moreno), the hostile relationship he had with his addict brother, Frank, and his eventual murder.  The realization that his real father was a serial killer.

Last night, little clues were left that this season is going to be another great one.  In the opening scene, we see Goren having dinner with a family, sitting next to a young girl who says Grace at the beginning of the meal and you can see he's very fond of her.  Later, a scene shows him looking at pictuers on his computer of this young girl, and he tells his partner that she is his niece, around 9 years old.  **Alarms** going off in my head….his niece? How can that be?  Frank is dead, and although he did leave behind a son, Donny, there was never a mention of another sibling or offspring of them.   Fast forward to the end of the episode, and Goren receives a letter with pictures of the young girl.  He sits down and just smiles.

My guess is that Goren searched for other children of the serial killer, Mark Brady, and found a half-brother or sister who went on to continue their lives and start their own family.  If my hunch is correct, it will be interesting to see if this half-sibling knew about their father, and the circumstances surrounding their own birth.  I'm hoping that the writers continue to bring more of this story to the viewers, as I for one, find this very interesting.  It's also good to see Det. Goren a little happier and a little further away from the breaking point where he seemed to be for a long time.

I really can't wait to see how this all turns out.  If you haven't been keeping up with the show, I strongly urge you to see it.  New episodes are aired on Sunday nights at 9 pm on USA.  You can also catch reruns on BRAVO also on Sunday evenings, beginning at 6 pm and they run back to back in a mini-marathon.

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