Last Performance by Whitney Houston Caught on Tape (Video)

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The full last performance video caught on a cell phone showed Whitney Houston came on stage and sang in support of her friend Kelly Price at the Tru Hollywood club last Thursday, just two days before her untimely death. So far, only snippets have been seen on TV newscasts about this surprise appearance or the sudden demise of the international superstar. Until now.

The performance, in its less than one minute entirety, has been posted on and it showed a moment when no one privileged enough to be in the room could have guessed it would be the last time the world would hear Whitney Houston sing.

Unfortunately, in true Hollywood fashion, it’s also a giant come-on for Kelly Price, Perez Hilton and another terrible movie, This Means War, “starring” Chelsea Handler.

The video wrapped around the precious few seconds with an account of Kelly Price and her road to the Grammys. Of course, that’s commendable, but this shameless ploy for self-promotion only seems tawdry and probably won’t win her any new fans.

But it’s to be expected that everyone even remotely associated with Houston, or show business in general, will want to hop on the “RIP Whitney” bandwagon with even the slightest bit of PR buzz which can have even a negligible effect on their career.

Too bad. Whitney Houston deserved better than this.

Here’s the video. Excuse the inexcusable promo for a crass and tasteless new movie starring a what seems to be a washed up Reese Witherspoon and some creepy hunks talking about penis size. What a setup!

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