Latest Presidential Polls Show Romney Ahead

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The latest presidential polls indicate that Romney is leading Obama nationwide, 50% to 47%. That is the consensus between Rasmussen, Gallop, and ABC News. In the nationwide electoral race, Romney has more states to win than Obama: the New York Times assessment map shows that Obama has 185 solid electoral votes while Romney has just 168. Still, the polls as of today look very good for Mitt Romney.

Rasmussen reported on what is happening in the seven toss-up states, which have a total of 66 electoral votes up for grabs. Romney has a slight edge in Arizona, and Obama has the edge in Ohio. Nevada is going for the President right now; this would be an unacceptable loss for Romney because Nevada has the highest home foreclosure and unemployment rates in the country, and it has a large Mormon population. Ohio is more important than Nevada for Romney, and right now it looks good for Obama. Only 2% of voters are planning to vote for a 3rd party candidate despite the 3rd party debate that was streamed live on the Internet Tuesday.

The foreign policy debate must have helped Romney as he is now essentially tied with Obama on international politics, up from +7 for Obama in mid-October, according to ABC News. During that debate, the candidates competed on being tough against foreign enemies, and both ran just short of outright warmongering, with Romney threatening China and Obama defending his use of drones. Apparently Romney won points with the voters in the area of foreign policy.

Another factor working against Obama is the large amount of voters who are passionately against him. Many voters are looking to vote for anybody else just to get Obama out of office. ABC News says that his “strongly disapprove” is much larger than his “strongly approve” numbers: 41% to 30%.

With all three presidential debates in the books, the latest presidential polls are looking good for Romney. Obama must find a way to hold on to the states in his favor and be sure to win Ohio and Florida.

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