Latest San Diego Power Outage Update — Message from SDG&E President

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Downtown San Diego is pitch dark and eerily quiet. Well, except for the screaming sirens that race down the street every five minutes or so. Oh, and don’t forget the guy on the bottom floor of a trendy high-rise building who’s decided to throw a party using a generator to provide cold drinks, lights, and entertainment for the entire neighborhood.

San Diego Power Outage Updates

SDG&E is still working hard to restore power to San Diego residents, and company staff is regularly providing power outage updates via Twitter. SDG&E President Michael Niggli said that he’s “been with the company since 1971, and has never seen anything like this.” He added that there was absolutely no warning of this power outage in San Diego county.

It’s incredible to hear that with all the advanced technology and back-ups in use today, such a critical power condition could occur in such a metropolitan area without any significant natural disaster conditions to blame like an earthquake, hurricane, etc.

Residents have been trying to make sense of the outage and pinpoint a cause for the problem. In a power outage update minutes ago, an SDG&E spokesperson informed residents that the San Diego power outage was caused by a procedure an Arizona Public Service employee carried out near Yuma. In addition, the grid was extremely vulnerable due to power grid congested from record September temperatures.

A Costly Mistake

The idea that the mistake of a single employee hundreds of miles away could cause such mass chaos is alarming and downright scary. SDG&E claims to be working to stabilize the electric grid, which would restore power to homes, but there is no specific forecast when that will happen. Hopefully another power outage update is released soon.

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