Latest UFO Sightings: Witness Thought Craft Cluster was Space Shuttle in CA

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The latest news of UFO sightings almost wasn’t. Over the weekend, a star-gazer in California thought a cluster of lights were the Space Shuttle. After realizing the NASA program was over, he and others described the orbs as alien craft “on a mission.”

As many celebrate May Day in the U.S. and all across the world, the new month continues with reports of strange and bizarre phenomena. The preoccupation and sudden interest in unidentified flying objects is driven by reports of “glowing lights” and “flying orbs” almost daily.

The latest UFO news comes out of Elkgrove, California. According to UFO Stalker, a witness almost confused a flash of moving light as the Space Shuttle making a flyover. However, he and others present quickly realized that what they saw was a cluster of glowing orbs.

“I was in my back yard with 6 adults and I got a light out of the corner of my left eye and my first thought was that it was the space shuttle flying over.(I keep track of the fly overs, but as soon as I saw it I realized that the shuttle was no longer flying,” said the unnamed witness.

Marked by a clear night sky, a cluster of six to ten craft flew over his residence in formation, followed by another group of unidentified flying objects.

What is strange about this particular news is that it was not the usual sighting of short duration. In fact, the witness reports the group of lights stayed in the area for seven to ten minutes.

Despite the ongoing reports of strange and “alien” UFO sightings, most experts say that there is always an organic or logical explanation.

They point to meteorites, comets, Venus or Jupiter, meteor showers, a weather balloon, or a play on light. What’s more, with today’s advances in technology, there is always the slight chance of a prank or hoax. What’s your take on the latest UFO news report?

Specifics of Sighting

Case Number: 37855

Log Number: US-04302012-0015

Date Submitted: 04/30/2012 10:37 UTC

Date of the Event: 04/29/2012 10:20 UTC

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