Laura Bush Wants to Be Removed from Pro-Gay Marriage Campaign

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Pro-gay marriage group, Respect for Marriage Coalition, has announced that they will replace a television ad featuring Laura Bush, following Mrs. Bush’s request to be taken out of the ad campaign, reports Yahoo.

The former first lady, along with George W. Bush’s former Secretary of State Colin Powell and former Vice President Dick Cheney, were included in the ad that launched this week.

The clip used in the ad was taken from an interview that Mrs. Bush did with Larry King in 2010 in which she says, “When couples are committed to each other and love each other then they ought to have the same sort of rights that everyone has,” reports Politico.

Within the context of the full interview, Mrs. Bush makes it clear that she is in favor of gay marriage and says that she thinks it will be legal nationwide one day.

“I guess that would be an area where we disagree,” said Bush in reference to her husband, former President George W. Bush’s views, on the issue.

Many will be surprised that Mrs. Bush has these views, considering the fact that she was the wife of a conservative Republican president. However, this should act as a reminder that not all conservative Republicans subscribe to exactly the same views on all issues.

It isn’t that shocking that former Vice President Cheney’s words are being used in the ad, in light of the fact that one of his daughter’s came out as a lesbian. Former Secretary of State Powell has also been at odds with Republicans as of late.

Besides the CNN interview, Bush also addressed the matter in her memoir, stating that she urged her husband “not to make same-sex marriage a major issue” in the 2004 presidential campaign.

Despite her apparent support of gay marriage, Bush spokeswoman Anne MacDonald said that the first lady “did not approve of her inclusion in this advertisement nor is she associated with the group that made the ad in any way.”

The Respect for Gay Marriage Coalition has responded by saying, “We used public comments for this ad from American leaders who have expressed support for civil marriage,” and went on to say, “We appreciate Mrs. Bush’s previous comments but are sorry she didn’t want to be included in an ad.”

The new ad debuting this weekend features Craig Stowell, a Republican, former Marine who talks about his decision to support gay marriage after learning that his brother was gay.

Even though Bush did not want to be a part of this particular campaign, it must have taken a great deal of courage for her to come out in support of gay marriage in the past. Whatever one’s views on the issue, it is refreshing to hear a political wife voice an opinion that differs from that of her husband.

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