Laura Dekker, 14 Year Old Dutch Sailor Disappears After World Solo Trip Denied

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The young Dutch teen, Laura Dekker, 14, disappeared this past Friday with no leads as to her whereabouts.  Laura fought to sail solo around the world and the decision to do so was blocked by the court. 

Laura’s boat, Guppy, is not missing and her disappearance        appears to be non crime related.  She is thought to have left her father’s home on her own.  There was money withdrawn from Laura’s account in the amount of $5,000 a few days ago.

A spokeswoman for the family said that Laura left a letter, but the contents of the letter are not yet known. 

Laura is currently under supervision of child care authorities until July as a result of the Utrecht District Court refusing to let her sail around the world on her own.  Laura is not allowed to leave the country without their permission.  Surrounding countries and airports have been notified about her disappearance.

Laura has both Dutch and New Zealand citizenship and has apparently stated in the past that she would go there if Dutch courts denied her request to sail alone.

Laura comes from parents who are sailors.  They are separated now, but her father supported Laura’s sailing goals, her mother thought she was too young.

Bernhard Jens, police spokesman stated to The Associated Press, “If she is seen somewhere else or tries to leave via an airport or something like that, authorities know we are looking for her.  We are doing everything we can to make sure we can get her back.  We are certainly concerned about her health – we are talking about an underage girl.”

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