Laura Wiggins Topless on Showtime’s ‘Shameless’

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Laura Wiggins, a little known actress, has now become and up and coming wonder thanks to her shameless full frontal for ShowtimeÂ’s Shameless! Yes! The petite and beautiful blonde Laura Wigginsbared her mini-sized delights unabashed fully for viewers but that bold move looks like it may have been the one to bump Laura from a who to a what! In Hollywood, you donÂ’t want to be known as the WHO? girl, you want to be known for WHAT you can bring!

So anyway, Wiggins barred it all and looked beautiful doing it. True marks of a bold actress? YesÂ… oh yes! Laura is 22 years old. She doesnÂ’t have an extensive acting background but these latest topless scenes are sure to change all that. She has guest starred in a few programs since 2006.

Hopefully, Laura Wiggins will turn her risqué full frontal scenes into something more than just a ramp into darker video territory. Yeah, that means porn! Too many young actresses are lured in because they are beautiful but once the clothes come off and they don’t have a heavyweight agent behind them… Hollyweird takes over and turns many-a-young-women into porn stars.

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