Lauren Ambrose to Star in ‘Funny Girl’ Revival

Lauren Ambrose will be starring as the lead in the revival of Funny Girl. Ambrose is the lucky actress who will be playing Fanny Brice in the upcoming play. Funny Girl will first play at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles then move on in 2012 to New York’s Broadway.

Lauren is mostly known for her role as Claire Fisher on HBO’s dark comedy/drama Six Feet Under. Ambrose isn’t exactly an A-list actress, but she has had plenty of experience. She’s been acting for well over a decade now. This won’t be the first Broadway experience for Lauren either. She’s worked on several big productions already such as Exit the King and Romeo and Juliet.

Funny Girl’s Fanny Brice was originally brought to life by Barbra Streisand so people are expecting a lot from Lauren Ambrose. Hopefully, Ambrose will bring her own personality to the character and not just try to imitate Streisand. It’s always better to be great in one’s own right.

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