Lauren Spierer Not Found; DNA Samples Given

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Lauren Spierer has been missing since Memorial weekend and no clues have arisen to lead to her whereabouts. This is proving to be a disturbing and confusing case involving another missing college student in the US. This isn’t the first student to go missing lately. In less than a three month span, two nursing students have also gone missing on opposite sides of the nation. The case of Lauren Spierer is especially confusing because of the mystery around her disappearance.

Two different acquaintances of the young, petite fashion student have been ordered to give DNA samples to investigators. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are suspects, but they are persons of interest and may or may not have played roles in her disappearance. The attorneys of these young men are outing their identities, as opposed to investigators, which seems a little odd. The men in question are roommates Mike Beth and Corey Rossman. Corey Rossman claims to be suffering from memory loss of the night of Lauren’s disappearance and Mike Beth is reportedly cooperating without any issues. Reports say that Mike Beth is not under any criminal suspicion in this case. So what about Corey Rossman?

As of today, there is now a specialized search team organized for investigating this case independently. The private group called Texas EquuSearch came to aide because Spierer’s parents requested their help. This gives the case a lot of manpower that spans throughout the country. Texas Equusearch has been tied to some high profile cases such as the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and Caylee Anthony. It’s great that they are focusing on Lauren Spierer and hopefully something positive will come of this.

In the meantime, police have taken the DNA samples from their persons of interest and are examining leads in the case. If anyone has any tips please do not hesitate to call Bloomington, Indiana Police.

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