Lauren Spierer Remains Missing on 21st Birthday

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Lauren Spierer would be turning 21 years old today, but she has been missing since June 3rd of 2011. The attractive and petite Indiana University student was last seen after a night of hard partying, wandering home barefooted and inebriated. However, there are so many twists, turns and holes in this case that there is really no telling when Lauren truly vanished or what may have actually happened to her.

Today is not a joyous occasion for the family of Lauren Spierer, who would be coordinating a birthday dinner or some other event for their beloved daughter. She would be turning 21, legal drinking age in comparison to the illegal drinking she’d been doing at Kilroy’s bar in Bloomington, Indiana — a veritable hotbed of underage drinking. Had she not been out at Kilroy’s that night, would Lauren be celebrating her 21st birthday with her family today? It’s hard to say, and it’s difficult to place blame on any direction in this case.

It would be interesting to see if any of Lauren’s friends pay their sympathies to her parents, who have been torn to pieces since the day she vanished. This young woman is obviously loved very much, and it must be torture for Charlene and Rob Spierer to sit and wait without any information about their missing daughter.

Where is Lauren Spierer?

It’s heartbreaking that while today is her birthday, just days ago, a hoax went semi-viral on Twitter saying “Lauren Spierer found dead.” That’s absolutely horrific for her family to hear so close to her birthday. She wasn’t found dead, even though statistically, she probably is. Where is she though? Was she the victim of a random predator attack? Was she the victim of an accidental death that was covered up by friends?

Surely, if Lauren Spierer were to have a birthday wish today, it would be to see her family again. Hopefully someone out there has the compassion and heart to provide the Spierers with some anonymous information about their missing daughter. Even if it’s small.

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