Law & Order: SVU ‘Mask’ Promo – AJ Cook & Jeremy Irons Guest Star

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The next new episode of Law & Order SVU is “Mask.” It is the episode featuring Jeremy Irons and AJ Cook as guest stars. Cook is no stranger to the procedural cop drama show. Up until this season, Cook played JJ on CBS’ Criminal Minds, but her character was written off the show with a promotion.


“Mask” Promo

“Debbie Shields (AJ Cook) comes home to find her partner Ann Jackson being raped by a man wearing a haunting mask. Shields contacts Ann’s father to notify him of her critical condition. As detectives Benson and Stabler interrogate Ann’s father, Captain Jackson (Jeremy Irons), his sordid past is revealed filled with sexual and alcohol addiction. Jackson’s new role as a sex therapist is hindering the detectives from getting the information they need to solve the case and if Jackson won’t comply, the detectives are going to have to get creative.” (SpoilerTV)

A.J.Cook crop

The promotional photos for this episode show Jeremy Irons as Captain Jackson. In the first two he’s alone, but in the third it appears he’s holding a group session for his clients.

The promo (below) begins with Jackson telling Stabler he can’t violate therapist-patient privileges so he can’t tell him what he knows about who attacked Ann. After a series of flashes of Ann being attacked, Stabler asks Jackson how his daughter will feel knowing Jackson was keeping her attacker’s identity a secret. He tells Stabler, “don’t you accuse me,” and then the promo switches over to clips of the search to find the attacker.

Jackson says he was “morally reprehensible” and he hopes Benson won’t ever have to feel how he does.

There is a short clip of AJ Cook (at 0:07) walking through double doors with Benson, presumably in the hospital.

Law & Order SVU will also be changing times on Wednesday nights, from 9PM to 10PM, with this episode.

Will you tune in to this episode of Law & Order SVU?

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