Law & Order: SVU “Mask” Review – Praise to Jeremy Irons & AJ Cook

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The episode “Mask” of Law & Order: SVU featured guest stars Jeremy Irons and AJ Cook at the center of the case. Cook played Dr. Debbie Shields and Irons played Captain Jackson. Jackson’s daughter and Debbie’s girlfriend, Ann, was brutally attacked and had to be put in a medically-induced coma after she came home while Debbie was being raped.

“Mask” Review

Last nightÂ’s episode was an emotional one, and it showcased just how talented not only the series regulars are, but also that Cook and Irons were the right choices for these roles.

Elliot (Christopher Meloni) went undercover in JacksonÂ’s clinic to try to draw out a confession from the attacker, but he waited until Jackson was sitting at his daughterÂ’s bedside before doing so. This could have backfired when Jackson returned to the therapy sessions, but luckily it did not.

Jackson was wary of helping out the detectives because of patient-therapist confidentiality and his own secrets. He had thought he had raped his own daughter years prior, but he couldnÂ’t quite remember. Anne hadnÂ’t talked to him since. Fortunately, AnneÂ’s childhood friend, Linda, cleared this all up. Jackson had slept with Linda, and it had been consensual. Anne had stopped speaking to her father because Linda was her first love. So yes, there was betrayal, but it wasnÂ’t because of the horror he had imagined.

“Mask” Guest Stars

Jeremy Irons shined as Captain Jackson, and it couldnÂ’t have been an easy role. It was obvious how much Jackson struggled with wanting the man who attacked his daughter caught and wanting to stick to the rules of his clinic. However once he realized he had, in fact, not raped his daughter, he cooperated fully with the detectives and he was vital in them catching their suspect.

A.J.Cook crop

Up until this season, AJ Cook was a series regular on the CBS drama, Criminal Minds. However last summer, the show announced some changes, which included letting Cook go and reducing Paget Brewster’s role on the show. Fans protested and signed an online petition. Cook was brought back for the first two episodes of the season, and her send-off, while bittersweet and heart-breaking, mimicked real life—the team didn’t want to see JJ leave and the cast didn’t want to say goodbye to AJ.

AJ Cook played Debbie Shields brilliantly. She only focused on her partner and cared more about being in surgery than herself, evident in her conversation with Benson (Mariska Hargitay).

The first meeting between Debbie and Jackson on SVU emphasized just how talented Cook and Irons are, as he first mistook her for AnneÂ’s surgeon. He soon realized who she was, and there wasnÂ’t any hostility between the two. The episode ended with him bringing her coffee as they watched over Ann in the hospital.

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