Lawson Rankin Jailed Ex-Wife Behind Wall, Beat & Raped Her, But She May Still Love Him

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An Oroville, California man was arrested on charges of torture, rape and false imprisonment after police found his ex-wife trapped behind a wall in the man’s home. Later, the ex-wife recanted the story, but police will still be moving forward with the charges.

Police say that Lawson Rankin, 29, was arrested when sheriff’s deputies responded to his home and found his wife in the attic, held captive behind a wall. At the time she told police that Rankin had kept her there for two weeks, and had repeatedly beaten and raped her. Then, she told Butte County D.A. Mike Ramsay that she wasn’t held against her will, and that she wasn’t willing to testify.

This is likely a case of battered woman’s syndrome, which has the woman making excuses for the abuser, still loving him even though he beats her and even rapes her. In this case, it seems almost inconceivable that she could justify in her mind behind trapped behind a new wall, and then beaten and raped. This story is like a real life version of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Telltale Heart.

When police arrived at Lawson Rankin’s house he said that he didn’t know where she was, but police found her trapped behind a new wall. Ranking was covered in drywall mud. There have been at least three previous instances of domestic abuse between the couple. Rankin is currently in jail without bail.


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