Lawsuit Against ‘Bachelorette’ and ‘Bachelor’ Spoiler Website Ends

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Fans of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor have long been able to know what’s going to happen before episodes air because of spoilers from the website Reality Steve. While the creator of the website, Stephen Carbone, has not revealed who he believes is the winner for Emily Maynard’s hand this season, he’s done so for past seasons. He revealed that Courtney Robertson was one of the four final contestants for The Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s heart even before the season premiered. Not happy with the shows’ secrets being let out, producers sued him. Now, the lawsuit has settled and both sides have released statements saying how happy they are.

In December, NZK Productions and Alternative Television sued Stephen Carbone for going after the shows’ participants, crew and employees and bribing them to give up information in violation of their contracts.

“Since you are a student, and I know you have loans up the ying-yang, I’d be willing to compensate you. … I swear, this is the easiest money you’d ever make, and you and I are the only two people that would know,” he supposedly wrote to one The Bachelor contestant.

For whatever reason, the plaintiffs have decided to settle. “We have resolved our dispute with Reality Steve and are pleased he has agreed to have no further contact whatsoever with any of the cast, crew or employees of The Bachelor,” they told The Hollywood Reporter.

“A great start to the week. The lawsuit is over. We have finally settled. I will explain more this week…Long story short: isn’t going anywhere, I don’t owe the other side a penny, and they had no case,” wrote Stephen Carbone.

Only time will tell whether Reality Steve will continue to publish major spoilers. Even if he really doesn’t think that the shows’ producers had any chance of winning in court, just having to go through the experience of being sued may turn him off from continuing to do what he did before to get secret information. It looks like fans of The Bachelorette will just have to actually wait until episodes air to find out what happens.

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