Lawyer Advises Sara Leal To Delete Her Facebook and Twitter Accounts

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Sara Leal has gone underground. That’s the latest development in the Ashton Kutcher / Demi Moore divorce story with Leal as the home wrecker.

According to an article by Perez Hilton, Leal has apparently taken the advice of celebrity lawyer Keith Davidson to wipe out all traces of her online profile, making it harder for anyone to dig up past dirt, innocent or otherwise on Facebook and Twitter.

This must have been done a lot earlier in the week, before this story really heated up, as this reporter tried to do just that prior to writing a previous article. Nada.

Too bad. It would have been interesting to see, just for the before and after aspect. But it begs the question: just what was on those pages?

Photos of Kutcher and a woman who looks a lot like Sara Leal popped up all over the web on Thursday, but they’re rather inconclusive. It seems all gold-digging blondes look remarkably alike!

But seriously, the pages may have also helped her image, if that’s what she’s worried about. Or they could have done irreparable harm to her shot at scoring a reported $250,000 settlement with the Two And A Half Men star. Now, sadly, the world will never know.

And how is Ashton Kutcher, or Demi Moore for that matter, supposed to get hold of Sara Leal in the meantime? Everybody knows that Facebook is the new phone book and Twitter lets all your followers know exactly where you are and just what you’re doing at the moment… ooohhhh…. now it’s all perfectly clear…

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