Lazy, Snooty Lindsay Lohan Punk’d by Angry Morgue Co-Workers

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Lindsay Lohan is still toiling away doing her community service at the L.A. County morgue. She doesn’t like it one bit. And neither do her co-workers. Morgue employees claim Li Lo is snooty, lazy, and full of her own importance. Finally, they got fed up with her supercilious attitude and they decided to pull a mean but nevertheless funny prank on her. They put a little “present” in a trash bin when they knew Li Lo would be on garbage detail.

When Lindsay Lohan emptied the trash, she “suddenly screamed bloody murder when a bloody, severed human hand bounced out and hit the floor at her feet!” Yikes. Eyewitnesses say Lindsay became “totally hysterical and bolted from the room” while her co-workers laughed like crazy because the severed hand was a rubber fake. How embarrassing. Poor punk’d Li Lo. Or not.

La Lohan’s fellow morgue workers say she deserved it. They complain that she’s “always acting like she’s better than anyone else and spending much of her time taking cigarette breaks. She speaks to no one unless she has to, and mopes through the work she’s assigned, like mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and washing dirty sheets.”

Needless to say the Mean Girls star was not amused at the mean joke. When she realized the hand was phony, she reportedly shrieked:

“I can’t believe anyone would think this was funny! It’s really morbid – and so is everyone here!”

Oh well, humor, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. The morgue workers who punk’d Lindsay Lohan thought it was hilarious and they reportedly can’t wait to pull another prank on her.

Be careful, Lindsay.

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